Lace Lodge Highlight

Lace Lodging

A Historic Building Located In
Amana, Iowa

Phone: 319-855-7735


We are in easy walking distance to a variety of shops, wineries, our famous German family-style restaurants, and the Amana Heritage museum. Enjoy a relaxing evening by taking a walk to enjoy the quiet of the village while taking a closer look at the gardens and buildings, or sit on our front porch.


The property was plotted in 1855 and designated to be a prayer meeting hall. As was the custom in the ‘old country’ the prayer meeting hall was located in the very center of main Amana.

The sandstone was quarried within the Amana villages, put on skids, and pulled by oxen to the building site. A unique feature of the sandstone structure is a vertical sundial located on the south wall.

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